''He who has a WHY to live for can bear with almost any HOW''

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


(This article is mainly for medical personnel)

At an instance you might be wondering why do I come up with a
topic like this. But even as a Christian Doctor, this question must
have flashed across our minds at one time or the other especially
when we are faced with difficulties in our profession.

Generally there are few reasons why most of us go into

STATUS: You might recall your struggle, zeal and enthusiasm to
fulfill your dream or your parents’ dream to wear that white coat.
On our interview on entering a med school; we might deny that
status has anything to do with our career choice, but you might
recall a quiet pride in saying that you were studying medicine and
not other subjects. At the back of your mind you might recall
how many applied for that seat.

We cannot deny that we doctors enjoy a relatively high social
status. Although our status and nobility of this profession is
continually questioned by patients, staffs and media, there
remains for some reason an aura around us.

We have to be very careful, otherwise we can begin to think that
we are really superior to others while we are not. Moreover, it
leads to the problem of identifying ourselves with our patients/
fellow human beings.

MONEY: You might deny this too. But it is well known that Doctors
enjoy a relatively higher pay comparing to other officers of the
same grade. But we soon realize that a higher government pay
alone does not provide the motivation to give a better service.
Because money never leave us satisfied, no matter how much we
earn. With each pay raise, we tend to look forward for the next

There remains the inherent danger that we may come to value
money more highly than our patients. One sour truth is that
some of the general population thinks that our signing of the
medical certificate, true or false; can be bought with a meagre 50
bucks. Shameful, but we are to blame.

INTELLECTUAL STIMULATION: A chance to study and look at
God’s greatest creation, a challenge to tackle different clinical
situations is one good motive. But this alone might lead us to think
that patients are just ‘cases’ rather than our fellow human beings.
For us it does not end in knowing a case and treat, but to care

SERVING OTHERS : This is what most of us must have uttered to
our professors and others who have asked us, “Why do you
want to become a doctor?”. This is definitely the best motive and
this is what makes this profession so noble. But ask yourself
truthfully ‘has my motivation to serve others dies down in

Some of us might actually laugh at a fresh graduate with all the
zeal and enthusiasm to serve people in the village. Not many of us
might actually think that it is uncool to care, to live among the
most backward people with a Dr. put before your name with so
much opportunity ahead of you.
Lets face a ground reality in our state. One
general observation is ‘More than half of the general practitioners
in a government set up are frustrated due to poor promotional
avenues, entitlements and facilities etc. on comparing with officers
of the same level ’. You will realize that the people in villages do not
look up to you/ngaisang like they look at BDO or SDO etc who
have financial powers. You begin to question your Status in the
society and the government. This leads to poor motivation to do
the job at our best.

Once we have worked for 10-20 years in a PHC, and when our
counterparts in other services are reaching JAG or selection grade,
we will realize that status, money and intellectual stimulation does
not provide motivations anymore. And we are all Christian
doctors ….and we keep comparing ourselves with other
professions. I’m not saying that we should not try to improve our
service conditions. (No offence intended).

‘Hospitals grew out of the Christian emphasis on the need to care
for the sick, and medicine was dominated by doctors, who had
inherited the Christian service ideals ’
With all the ground realities, let us take a moment to think why
ever did we take up this profession.

I’m sure being poor is much better than forever lying sick on a
hospital bed. Every morning when we attend patients on our
rounds, let us remind ourselves that we too could be lying on that
bed; what a privilege and a blessing to be in a position to serve
and care for our fellow human beings.
“Is this medical profession simply my career or my calling?” It’s
between you and God to settle the matter.So think carefully and weigh your motives before entering this profession.

Friday, July 2, 2010

engvangin nge?

1st July,2010: Doctor's day chu Lawngtlai a awm hovin kan hmang zo chu a ni ta der mai a.
Chawhma lamah kan Oath pangngai leh Christian Physician's oath sawirualna kan neih hnu in chawhnu lamah Lai Motherless Home kan zavaiin kan va tlawh ta a.Rev.Lalhmingsanga leh an Home mother in min lo hmuak a, naupang leh thawktute tan free clinic leh pawisa hlanna te kan nei a...rilru a kal thui duh ang reng khawp mai.Naupang 17 enkawl lai neiin, a naupang ber 2 weeks a nia(kar 1 naah a nu,pasal thihsan tawhin a boral san a)

* Engvangin nge fahrah tura an lo pian bik le?kan pian atang reng hian duhthlang thei kan lo ni lo..eng ang mihringah nge an lo thanlen ang le...
* Keini te hi engvangin nge kan vanneih bik?Kan fel leh that that bik vang em ni le? Thatna leh fel bikna kan nei bik si lo..
* Kan naupang hmuh ho ang khan vasekai leh thingtlang kilkhawrah te lo piang ve ta ila,tuna kan dinhmun hi kan thleng phak hlawm ang em le?
* Keini mihring te tluka inthlau thei hi an awm awm lo ve..mi tam tak chu an thawhrimna vang te, pheichham man te, phu loh malsawmna te pawh ani nawk awm e....heng phuloh malsawmna kan dawnte hi kan hmangsual fo a, midang rahbeh leh intihlal nan te.....

Ngaihtuahna lo lut ta chu mihring hi a tira inngaitlawm leh thuhnuairawlh,rinawm leh tlawmngai, Pathian hre tak thin te hian dinhmun tha zawk kan han chan hian chapona leh midangte hmuh hniamna, ngaihsak lohna(an rilru tur hrethiam lova han namnul mai ) te hi kan nunah a lo lut hma viau mai a.

Hla siamtu in mihring siamthat nan khawdur a ngai ani tihte pawh kan nunah kan mamawh fo reng ani.

Kan nun,kan thiltih that engvang mahin malsawmna hi kan phu lo.

A chhanna ka hre lo, Pathian hian duhsak bik a nei awm si lo a?engpawh nise 'it reminds me to be more humane and understanding toward my fellow human beings'

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I heard it said “Nowadays people know the price of everything, but the value of nothing”…

A ni awm tak e aw ka ti ta a ni…

* I thianpa in chawhlui kil puiah a sawm che a, zanriah kil lai chuan a sa leh chawhmeh lo hmehpui che man I chhut ru nauh nauh mai thei a ni. Mi hausa tak in chawhmeh tam tak a lo hlui che ai chuan sum lama harsa ve takin a theih ang tawk a lo hlui che kha, duhsakna thinlung atanga lo chhuak a nih chuan a hlu zawk daih….

* Thingtlangah doctor naupang tein kan han awm ve rawih a, hriat leh experience te la tlem mahse Pathianin kan damlo enkawl te a han tidam ve zel a. Damlo chhungten ‘Zo artui emaw arpui tui lai’ ngei emaw min han pek thin te kha...Aman han chhut chuan Aizawl vel a awmte tan chuan engtham a ni lo ang, amaherawh chu cheng sang tam man aiin a hlu zawk asin.

* Pawisa a lei theih tam tak, politicians, sawkar officers lian, doctor te thleng pohin kan awm ta…KS in pawisa hmuh nan a taksa a hralh ang hian inthlan lai te hian kan vote(moral value) hi kan hralh vel mai mai a ni lo maw..I hlutna(value) kha cheng engzat(price) nge I inchhiar ve dawn le?

*Dowry system te hi, vai tam tak doctor, IAS etc nih duh chhan chu hei hi a ni tlat asin.. I hming tawp a IAS, Ph.D, MD/MS,MBA etc a awm vangin tlangval luck tak niin I price a sang viau mai thei, mahse I nihna vang ni lo a hmangaihtu che neih kha a hlu zawk tlat.

* Hriselna chungchangah pawh, pawisa nei tan chuan latest treatment modality, doctor tha ber ber te pawh kan afford thei ta..mahse dam na tak tak hi chu mihring atanga chhuak a ni lo tih hi chu rei vak lo han thawh mai hnu pawh hian ka la hre thar zel dawn niin ka hria….

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

AN "OATH" by a doctor....

Hippocratic oath original tak hi oath taking atana hman ani vak tawh lo a. Khawvel hmun hrang hrangah modification siamin doctor degree hlan thar turte intiam tir thin a ni a.

He a hnuaia mi hi Pondicherry University hnuaia oath kan lak a ni a...Eng ang thu nge doctor te hian an lo tiam thin midang ten an lo hriat ve mai mai nan ka han post a ni e...

"I, Dr.______________________, solemnly pledge myself, to consecrate my life to the service of humanity.

Even under threat, I will not use my medical knowledge, contrary to the laws of humanity.

I will maintain the utmost respect, for human life from the time of conception.

I will not permit considerations of religion, nationality, race, politics or social standing, to intervene between my duty and my patient.

I will practice my profession, with conscience and dignity.

The health of my patient will be my first consideration.

I will respect the secrets, which are confided in me.

I will maintain by all means, in my power, the honour and noble traditions of medical profession.

I will treat my colleagues with all respect and dignity.

I make these promises solemnly, freely, and upon my honour."

Thutiam zahawm tak chu ani phawt mai...a tiamtu te hian kan khawvel thlir dan,kan value system hi in enfiah fo hi thil tul tak niin ka hria..ka ziak thui lo mai ang e...ngaihtuah zawm atan ni rawh se

Monday, May 11, 2009


Until the Lord moves you; you are to bloom right where you are planted.....

Taihmakna hi mihring sum hlu a ni...

People may doubt what we say; but they always believe what we do

Thil tangkai lo ka tih apiangin mahni inbum mai ka lo ni
Ka nitin thawh turte rel fel si lo hian,a tul lovah engvangin nge ka buai thin le

Nothing happens by CHANCE in a believer's life

Between the uncut pages of life, in the unused talents, in the tasks left undone, God has hidden many meaningful lives

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Kaisih khua, Zosapthara lungphun...a duhlian tawng lo lam plate a nih hi
A lunglen thalk khawp mai, a lo vah bo na hi a lo hla em a ni

Dr.Sangtea M.S. nen Palak Dil ah, a thuk mah mah

View of Phura PHC from my Quarter, hospital complex in electric current connection kan la nei ve lo

Khaikhy(Khengkhawng) VCP in anih hi, Burma nena kan inri na border chu min 15 kal lekah kan thleng. mizorama khaw tawp ber ni ta ve ang

Career in medicine.......

Science stream a kal chho tan chuan class 12 han pass chhoh hnu hian career line thlan a ngai ta si a. Medical career hi kan la ngaihhlut leh zir theih ve hram chuan kan la duh viau a ni tih chu a la lang reng a.. mahse tun atanga kum rei vak lo ah hian tun ang reng hi a la ni ang em tih hi zawhna awm thei a niin a lang.

Sawrkar hna hian min daih mang lo chu a ni ta reng mai a, post graduate doctor tan chuan sawrkar hna lo hian survive chu a harsa lo tehlul mai, amaherawhchu mizoramah kan awm miau chuan sawrkar hna hi security chu lo awm deuh zawk niin a lang.

Mahse service a awmte hi rin aiin an frustrate ru mai thei a ni..an ti....level puite tluk loh hi rilru a a lan chang a awm thei tlat. Kan service rules chhe luttuk hi luhai thlak a nih hi, India ram zauah hian kan chhe ber maw le, Assam ah poh a chhia... nagaland leh manipur ah service dang nen an intluk tlang a, a dang zawngah an chuan doctors are at par or superior an ni...Dr.Franklina IAS,health secy vel a a rawn chhuah chhoh hunah chuan kan tha ve deuh tawh mahna...

Rilru sual a rawn chhuah chang chuan MBBS satliah tih tawngkam hmang fo tu te hian han zir ve chhin se, mahni tawk theuhah kan struggle ve nasat zia te han experience ve se ka ti ru nauh nauh thin..''doctor ho in service rules chhiat chhan chu in mawl vang a lawm" an ti fo mai, a dikna chen a awm khawp mai, mahni game lo khelh hi chu a har a ni ang e..

But I'm optimistic about all these things...things will get better for us, for people who are now studying and for the future generation who are going to take up this profession.. If we are in state service, we cannot totally neglect our service matters.....but let's not forget the more important thing in our life....the thing that we do best,what we are called to do...We treat; God heals...