''He who has a WHY to live for can bear with almost any HOW''

Saturday, April 11, 2009

5 long years, Dad...

It's been exactly five long years since you left this world, on that fateful Easter sunday of 2004/march,11...We all remember you and miss you,dad..

The old memories are still fresh, things have never been the same for us since then.. As time goes by, little by little we see that "time is not a healer, but the revealer of how God does the healing"..and we are thankful for what God has been doing in each of our lives and as a family.

"Am I living a life that was worth dying for???" I hesitate to answer....


  1. i vanduaina ka trawmpui rual che in i vanneihna hi hrilh che ka duh: Ka pa kha matric ka exam dawn kumah a thi a. Khatihlai kha select II (Scooter) chhuah trum a ni. "I pass phawt chuan ka lei ang che," tia min tiam chungin chhan hman loh khawpa rang cancer avangin min boralsan. Ka hringnun kawng tikhaihlaktu a ni, thihna ka huat zia chu sawi ngaihna a awm lo.

  2. hmmm ni khawp mai, for my dad, it took just 4 months from detection of his oesophageal cancer to his death..pondicherry a ka awm lai nia,engmah a tan ka ti hman lo..ka la inthiam tak tak thei lo

  3. sorry!
    P.s: Komment apiang hian word verification a ngai ziah am titawp teh... Settings-ah khan a awm ang ka ring

  4. Am I living a life that was worth dying for?
    Time is not a healer, but the revealer of how God does the healing- book of Fela's quotable quotes ah kan la publish dawn nia

  5. Just found out your blog. read all your posts.

    I remember that fateful day. You came and stayed overnight at our place in Chennai on your way home. I remember me and one of my roomate saw you off at the airport the next morning and we had very overpriced samosas... Rs. 20 if I remember correctly.

    Glad to hear that you are starting off with your career.

  6. @makima: thank you for reading...Yes i do remember staying in your place,the airport,samosa etc. My mind was hazy,wandering..couldn't recollect everything,even the other guy who came with us.but i do remember you.Thank you guys again for everything.you came to jipmer playing keyboard right? Hope you are doing well in life.