''He who has a WHY to live for can bear with almost any HOW''

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Being a Special One

"I asked for all things that I might enjoy life,I was given life that I might enjoy all things!"

I could not recollect, but it was more than two decades ago when God decided that my parents should have a special child. Born into this world just like any other baby, but God knew that this baby would grow up to be someone, and He also saw that my parents would be able to give me enough care and love that I would need.

It so happened on one fine morning soon after my third birthday, paralysed whole left leg due to poliomyelitis. But it was my parents untiring effort and prayer that I was finally be able to walk again at six years of age.Then schooling was a wonderful experience to start with,to go out and interact with other kids. Back then we did not have a vehicle,so my mother would drop and pick me up every other day,so often carrying me on her back. I wonder if I would ever comprehend a bit of my mother's love for me. It would make her cry sometimes,but God never forget to give a reason to smile.

I just cannot forget my friend Laldinpuia(lunglei), he often carried me on his back after school because the road was uphill.Even then, I was a regular boy to be spotted in the football/hockey ground, or in front of table tennis board; I just could not sit still.

When God closes door; He opens a window...It appeared be an adversary on one side, nevertheless, on the other hand I was blessed academically. Having been a mizoram state topper three times out of five exams, being able to study Medicine and graduated from JIPMER,one of the most prestigious medical college in India, and having a job...I could not ask for more.

My leg still hurts on prolonged movements, but it's a simple reminder that I cannot take things for granted. And it feels so good,rewarding and blessed to be in a healing ministry,in being a doctor, when you have known a little bit about Pain.

I often thank God for the warm, understanding people in life who make it possible for me to be like other human beings. Who am I to cry for what might have been, instead of accepting and cherishing the Special being I am, and will always be..

We all are special, but we are just different...


  1. oh wow.. you really are a special being. U should be proud of yourself, and im ashamed of myself for complianing so much in life.
    May God Bless You..Rinfela

  2. this is really touchy and nice real life description. hats of to you.

  3. ngaihsan awm tak i ni e. ka ngaisang che

  4. Beautiful post, Fela. Yes, each one of us is unique and special, and blessed are those who could appreciate that fact, and you are one of the blessed ones! Keep going Fela... prayers and best wishes to you.